Saturday, August 16, 2014

Demolition/Development Survey Questions
Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association
July, 2014

House demolitions, replacements, and infill are increasing trends in Portland neighborhoods. As a coalition of neighborhood associations we seek your opinions about this trend. Please complete this short questionnaire. We will let your coalition of neighborhood associations know the results of this survey. THANK YOU.

1)    Demolition of houses and replacement with new houses is a good trend for our neighborhood. (Choose one answer.)
a.    Strongly agree.
b.    Agree.
c.    Disagree.
d.    Strongly disagree.

2)     Demolition and replacement of houses is GOOD for our neighborhood because: (Choose none, some or all options).
a.    Removes houses in disrepair. 
b.    Builds more energy efficient houses, though most replacement houses are much larger.
c.    Increases the value of houses in our neighborhood.
d.    Creates jobs in our area.
e.    Enlarges the property tax base for the City of Portland.
f.      Other (please describe) ________________

3)     Demolition and replacement of houses is BAD for our neighborhood because: (Choose none, some, or all options).
a.    Wastes energy and material resources.
b.    Destroys good buildings.
c.    Prices first time buyers out of our neighborhood market.
d.    Destroys the character of established neighborhoods.
e.    Demolition process affects the health of immediate neighbors.
f.      Other (please describe) _______________

4)    Should there be any change in current City of Portland policy/code regarding demolition and replacement of houses?
a.    Yes (See question 5)
b.    No (Skip to question 6)

5)    If you agree that City of Portland policies should be changed to limit house demolitions and replacements, what changes in City code do you support? (Choose none, some, or all options).
a.    Automatic 120-day delay of all house demolitions.
b.    Neighborhood notification of proposed demolitions and replacements.
c.    Neighborhood review of proposed demolitions and replacements.
d.    Establish new code regulations such as: increased set backs, restrict height of new houses to correspond to surrounding houses, limit footprint of new houses to correspond to the neighborhood.
e.    Substantially increase landfill fees and permit costs to economically discourage demolitions and replacements.
f.      Other (please describe) _____________________

6)    What area of the City do you live in?
a.    North Portland
b.    Northeast Portland
c.    Southeast Portland
d.    Northwest Portland
e.    Southwest Portland

7)    How long have you lived in your neighborhood?
a.    More than 30 years
b.    20-30 years
c.    10-19 years
d.    5-9 years
e.    0-4 years

      8.) Do you have any other comments about demolition/development in

           your neighborhood?

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