Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I was sitting just a few seats down from you Monday at the Alameda Assoc. Flasher mtg.  Unfortunately I had to leave before the mtg. broke up or else I would have introduced myself.
While Beverly Cleary is not in Beaumont-Wilshire, this item may be of interest to NE neighbors. I’m working with several parents to create a new garden space at the school honoring our former student.
Thanks so much,

Barbara Linssen

Garden Honors Area Student

Ella Westervelt was a much loved Beverly Cleary student.  Her wit and tenacity were known to many in the school community and beyond.  Ella fought cancer for several years and died in 2013.  This Spring a garden is being built at the Beverly Cleary Fernwood Campus in honor of Ella and her colorful, fun loving personality.  The garden space will compliment the existing learning vegetable garden along the north edge of the campus near the little league field and play structure.

Local metal artist Alan Root is donating a wonderful entry gate for the garden that captures Ella’s interests and activities. He has also created a fun and kid friendly art piece for kids to sit on and play around.  A poetry post, bench, native plantings and accessible pathway are also planned.

The garden is entirely a volunteer effort and donations are very welcome!  Send to: Beverly Cleary PTA with “ Ella’s Friendship Garden” noted on the check, mail to the school at 1915 NE 33rd Ave., 97212.  Work days are being planned for Spring Break (March 22-30) and around Earth Day (mid-April).  Watch for a plant donation event at Garden Fever near Earth Day.  For the latest plans and pictures of the garden and artwork like "Ella’s Friendship Garden" on Facebook where the dates and times of work events will be posted.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Mr. Ellis,
      It has come to my attention that the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is considering a zoning change that would allow short term rentals in residential neighborhoods.  Feb. 21 is the deadline for voicing opinions on this matter.  This doesn't seem to be getting much publicity although it could drastically change our lovely Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood along with many others.  Does anyone really want to live next door to a mini-motel with strangers constantly coming and going?  It would be great to see the B-W Association make everyone aware of this proposal and encourage input to the Bureau along with letters to City Council members.  Thank you for your consideration of this important issue.
                                                                                                               Diane Eklund