Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Mr. Ellis,
      It has come to my attention that the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is considering a zoning change that would allow short term rentals in residential neighborhoods.  Feb. 21 is the deadline for voicing opinions on this matter.  This doesn't seem to be getting much publicity although it could drastically change our lovely Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood along with many others.  Does anyone really want to live next door to a mini-motel with strangers constantly coming and going?  It would be great to see the B-W Association make everyone aware of this proposal and encourage input to the Bureau along with letters to City Council members.  Thank you for your consideration of this important issue.
                                                                                                               Diane Eklund

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  1. Thank you Diane for this information.

    I just heard about if from someone in Laurelhurst - they have been dealing with this issue since last year. Lots of people I talk to do not even know about it. Guess the word needs to get out.

    Families buy homes in areas zoned as single-family for a reason. People want to raise their family and live where you get to know your neighbors. Who wants vacationers coming and going all the time in the house next door?

    Call it want you want but short term rentals are mini-motels and should NOT be allowed in single family zones. Maybe ok in areas that are multi-family in commercial.

    People can now legally rent for 30 days but more money can be made by renting to strangers on vacation.

    If Portland wants more money why not fine those that are breaking the law?
    Why change the zoning code?

    They say that this is a minor policy change and it is in a package called RICAP – to improve our neighborhoods. How can this zoning change be considered minor and IMPROVE our neighborhood?

    Maybe 1 or even 2 of these mini-motels on your block would not be a bad thing but there is no limit in the plan on how many there can be - next door to you on both sides & across the street, etc. You have no say - they just have to tell you that they are going to start having these renters but that is it.

    Go downtown, walk in and buy the permit for only $150 is all that is required and they never have to renew it. No business license which I was told is required by private music teachers.

    They say there are more than 1300 of these mini-motels of people now doing it illegally. Well for only $150 how many will do it legally? Not much of a fee. They do not even have to be there either while the renters come and go just set out a realtor lock box with a combo. This is not a legal B&B.

    The math is that these apartments and houses will probably have at least 2 people – guess they stay a few days. How many strangers does that make each month on the street, 20, 30, 40? And then add a couple more of these mini-motels on your block and then you have lots of strangers.

    How are they planning to enforce the rules? They do not have to be like a legal B&B.

    Portland Police always ask us to watch out for our neighbors and to know who is supposed to be on our street. How are neighbors going to know who is supposed to be there?

    Do you want a mini-motel business next door to you ?

    Need to make your comments to our mayor, the commissioners, & the representatives from the Bureau of Planning & Sustainability if you are not for this minor zoning change.