Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bring the World Home with an AFS Exchange Student!

AFS Intercultural Programs USA

Help build bridges of intercultural understanding by sharing your home and daily life with AFS Intercultural Programs.  Since 1947, families and students worldwide have experienced the lifelong rewards of becoming a global family. AFS is looking for host families for high school exchange students coming from more than 90 countries in August.

Meet Aziz from Tajikistan: 
He is an active and athletic young man from Western Tajikistan.  He loves participating in sports and often competes in soccer games at his school.  Aziz is passionate about martial arts and practicing Judo and Tae Kwon-Do for years.  He enjoys martial arts because the training keeps him physically fit.  Other than sports, Aziz loves music and constantly has something playing in his ears.   Aziz’s teacher describes him as a creative and helpful student with a great attitude and a strong sense of responsibility.  He also happens to be very committed to his studies.  He hopes that he will make lots of new friends in America in addition to learning about U.S. history, traditions and culture.  Aziz wants his American host family to know about his country and all the wonderful things it has to offer. Upon his return to Tajikistan, he wants to go to college and study law.  He aspires to follow in the footsteps of his mother and grandmother by becoming a prosecutor.

Meet Neen from Thailand: 
Artima, or "Neen", is an active and energetic young woman. She is close to her family, including her two dogs, and they love spending time together. She enjoys participating in sports such as swimming, bicycling, and tennis. However, she is most passionate about badminton--she even competed in the past. She also knows how to play the Thai instrument called ranad. At home, she loves cooking both Thai and Western food. It has been Neen's dream to study in the USA. She is excited to live in the culture and improve her English.

As an AFS Host Family, you share your home with a new family member. Participants are carefully matched, and volunteers are always on hand to make sure that you and your student have the support and tools needed for a positive experience. 

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For more information:
call at 503-419-9509

P.S.   I was contacted about publicizing this information on the BWNA blog by Shaun Sullens, who works for AFS, but is also longtime President of the Piedmont Neighborhood Association in North Portland. Especially for those in our neighborhood with ties to Grant H.S., hosting an AFS student for the year would be a rewarding experience.

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